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'You will never walk alone'

Sunday, 05 Aug 18

Autograph Please, Preeti Shenoy!!

Seventh wish from my wish list checked off😊

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Sunday, 05 Aug, 04:59 AM

It was nice baby, all i want is you should be happy all the time.

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Chandni Galagali

Sunday, 05 Aug, 10:37 AM

Thank you Baby😊😍😘, I will always be happy when I've you by my side❤️ #Dad🙈

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Sunday, 05 Aug, 05:02 AM

Continue you have the ability to write, good one. Thumbs up.

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Sunday, 05 Aug, 06:14 PM

My god, you're narrative style is suuper! If you write a novel one day, it'll make everyone crave to finish it like you did for Preethi Shenoy's. And I'll be the one to ask you "Autograph please, Chandni Galagali", but with a sense of pride in me that I've spent all my high school time with you and your family!

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Chandni Galagali

Tuesday, 07 Aug, 05:24 PM

I thought a little more to reply you, this is going to be my inspirational comment for next another couple of years of learning, reading and writing. Hope life leads me there!! Thank you so much for these words, You have no idea how positively it is going to boost me to work harder towards my destination. 😊😍😘 You made my day little bro and enhanced my urge to do it more!! I'm just following my heart with a strong intuition of setting things right.

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Sowbhagya Kumbar

Tuesday, 07 Aug, 11:29 PM

Great narration chandu

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Chandni Galagali

Wednesday, 08 Aug, 02:57 AM

Thank you Stove😍😘, I think you should definitely read my friendship blog post as it will answer most of you're question. You and Skrew do mean a lot💕. Go read it!

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